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As an individual opening a Roth or traditional IRA or as an business opening a SEP, Simple IRA or 403(b) plan you have the opportunity to make investment choices that reflect your social values as well as your financial objectives.

Did you know businesses can offer multiple socially responsible investment options inside their 401(k) plans as well?

Attached are some resources to review as you consider providing a 401(k) for your employees that has a wide variety of socially responsible investment options.  


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"Today many companies work hard to be better corporate citizens. From recycling to energy conservation, from community involvement to corporate diversity, from shareholder advocacy to socially invvesting, these companies look to make a positive contribution to local and global communities.

"Consider the Social(k) program for your business. The Social(k) is a defined contribution program provided by ExpertPlan that offers over two dozen socially responsible funds, among others. This platform offers companies and employees a chance to align retirement assets with corporate and employee beliefs. Social(k) offers funds from..."

Read online at the Social(k) web site.


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Social(k) Allows Socially Responsible Investment Retirement Portfolios to More Fully Diversify"



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