Celia Mueller, CFP®
Financial Planning - Socially Responsible and Green Investing

Looking for a way to incorporate your social values in your investments while pursuing your financial goals? 

As a Certified Financial Planning professional specializing in sustainable, responsible, impact investing that's what I've been doing for our clients for over 20 years.

I work with people and organizations who want to delegate the management of their investment portfolio to a trusted professional with expertise in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environmental, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) concerns.

We are passionate about providing asset management and financial planning for individuals, families, small businesses and foundations that have $250,000 or more that they would like a professional to manage and invest in a principled, proactive, socially responsible manner.

As part of Progressive Asset Management and the First Affirmative Financial Network, my office has a broad array of tools to help you meet a variety of financial goals while at the same time making the world a better place. In 2013 we added Fossil Fuel Free portfolios to our lineup as one of the ways clients can combine financial stewardship and earth stewardship.

If you need help making sure you are on track for the retirement or you could use help with an income distribution strategy during retirement; if you want your green backs doing something greener or you desire to enhance your ability to reach personal goals while your money speaks out about sweatshop labor, the environment, corporate governance or other concerns - we are here to help.           



Progressive Asset Management has provided Social &
Environmentally Responsible Investment Strategies Since 1987

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